matchweek 19
    1SK Slavia Praha3071:1973
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň3053:1972
    3AC Sparta Praha3065:3266
    41.FC Slovácko3050:3059
    5FC Baník Ostrava3054:3951
    6FC Hradec Králové3038:4040
    7FK Mladá Boleslav3045:4838
    8FC Slovan Liberec3029:3837
    9SK Sigma Olomouc3039:3737
    10SK Dynamo České Budějovice3040:4636
    11FC Fastav Zlín3036:5330
    12FK Teplice3029:4927
    13FK Jablonec3022:4526
    14Bohemians Praha 19053034:5626
    15FK Pardubice3035:6724
    16MFK Karviná3030:5217

    Koubek to take over from Uhrín at Plzeň

    After intense media speculation, Miroslav Koubek was appointed new coach for Viktoria Plzeň on Tuesday. Koubek formerly coached both Baník Ostrava and Slavia Praha. His main challenge will be to ensure that Plzeň take part in European competiton next season.

    Koubek to take over from Uhrín at Plzeň

    Plzeň owner Tomáš Paclík and general manager Adolf Šádek confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday that Miroslav Koubek would be assuming the reins at Vitkoria Plzeň.

    "The composition of the squad will essentially remain the same.  We are an ambitious club so the coach will have access to the players he needs.  Our goal is to remain one of the top teams in Czech football and participation in European competition at the highest level.  We expect coach Koubek to focus on developing the young players to build a strong squad for next season,’ revealed Paclík.

    Adolf Šádek added details of the agreement with Miroslav Koubek.  "The contract is until the end of the season with the option to extend, which was readily agreed.  European competition is one of our aims but our main goal, of course, is to win the Synot liga,’’ he said.

    Coach Uhrín was dismissed by the club after their match against České Budějovice on Monday.  ‘’We had a seven-and-a-half hour meeting on Friday when it was decided to end our co-operation with Mr. Uhrín.  Of course, we are aware that our start to the season was not ideal,’’ he added.

    Šádek also commented on the situation regarding dismissal of coach Uhrín.  ‘’We discussed the situation at length after the game against Petrolul Ploiesti on Friday and Mr. Uhrín was informed of the clubs’s decision then.  The club’s 4:0 win on Sunday had no bearing on the decision.  On a personal level, Mr. Uhrín had my vote of confidence.  The media were critical of our performance against the Romanians and in the end, it was decided that a change of coach was the right step to take."