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    Jihlava trainer Petr Rada and assistant dismissed

    The management of Jihlava today dismissed its head coach Petr Rada and his assistant Zdeněk Klucký. After a long meeting on Monday, it was decided that long-time youth coach Roman Kučera would take charge of the team. The appointment was announced on the club’s website.

    Jihlava trainer Petr Rada and assistant dismissed

    Rada has coached Jihlava since November 2013 after leaving Slavia. He has been at the club for less than a year and managed to turn the team around last season, finishing eighth in the league. Jihlava are firmly at the bottom of the table having notched up only one win and a draw so far this season.

    ‘’Petr Rada and Zdeněk Klucký deserve a great deal of thanks for what they have done at the club. They were invaluable last season when they took the club struggling against relegation to eighth in the league,’’ said club chairman Jíří Pech.

    Unfortunately, the team has performed below expectations in the SYNOT liga this season, which has forced us to take this decision. We realise that the club has deeper problems aside from the coaching situation. Nevertheless, we have decided that this initial step needs to be taken,’’ he added.

    Petr Rada is replaced by Roman Kučera, whose son is midfielder Tomáš Kučera. He has been active as the youth coach at all levels since 2002. He was also the coach for the Czech National U-16s from 2010 to 2011. In January, he received the award for best youth coach. However, his new role is only a temporary solution to Jihlava’s worries.

    "The arrival of coach Kučera is only a temporary solution until the end of the autumn season. We see him as a way to help the club in the difficult situation it faces. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to look at the longer term situation at the club," Pech said on the club’s website.