matchweek 4
    1SK Slavia Praha3071:1973
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň3053:1972
    3AC Sparta Praha3065:3266
    41.FC Slovácko3050:3059
    5FC Baník Ostrava3054:3951
    6FC Hradec Králové3038:4040
    7FK Mladá Boleslav3045:4838
    8FC Slovan Liberec3029:3837
    9SK Sigma Olomouc3039:3737
    10SK Dynamo České Budějovice3040:4636
    11FC Fastav Zlín3036:5330
    12FK Teplice3029:4927
    13FK Jablonec3022:4526
    14Bohemians Praha 19053034:5626
    15FK Pardubice3035:6724
    16MFK Karviná3030:5217

    Hušbauer named player of the season, Sparta and Plzeň take awards at gala evening

    Josef Hušbauer of Sparta was named Gambrinus liga player of the 2013/14 season. In a poll of coaches, captains and selected journalists, Hušbauer received 54 points, clearly beating his teammate Bořek Dočkal with 4 points and Haris Harba from Jihlava with 3 points. Vítězlav Lavička of Sparta was named coach of the season. The new talent of the season was Plzeň midfielder Patrik Hrošovský and Costa from Sparta was the best foreign player for the season.

    Hušbauer named player of the season, Sparta and Plzeň take awards at gala evening

    Hušbauer was instrumental in helping Sparta to win the title and the Ceská Pošta Cup. In addition to the 54 points he received in the polls, he emerged as the league’s top scorer with 18 goals during the season. 

    Among the coaches, Vítězlav Lavička emerged the clear winner having guided Sparta to the double.  During the season, Sparta racked up 79 points in the league and recorded 25 victories. Petr Rada, the former national team coach, came second having turned around the fortunes of Jihlava in the spring season. Third place went to Leoš Kalvoda from Znojmo, whose team put up a brave fight right until the last round of the season.

    The award for best new talent of the season for a player 23 years old and under went to Slovak U-21 player Patrik Hroškovský. After playing exceptionally well for Znojmo in the autumn season, Plzeň coach Dušan Uhrin took a gamble on the young man, which certainly paid off. He played 26 games, scoring 6 goals. Behind him came Adam Jánoš from Jihlava and Robert Hrubý of Slavia.

    Sparta left-back Costa from Zimbabwe was voted best foreign player in the league, despite missing the tail end of the season through injury. He turned in an outstanding performance in their key match against Plzeň, which helped him beat out Haris Harba and Jasmin Ščuk from Boleslav. 

    Sparta also dominated in the voting of the season’s Best 11 by the fans. The Best 11 comprises seven players from Sparta - goalkeeper Thomás Vaclík, defenders Pavel Kadeřábek , Jakub Brabec and Costa, midfielders Josef Hušbauer and Marek Matějovský and striker captain David Lafata . Radoslav Kováč  is included from Liberec  and will play for Sparta next season as well as Franci Listingi, Nivaldo and Harba. 

    Poll of the best players and coaches in the Gambrinus liga for the 2013/14 season:

    Player of the season:
     1. Josef Hušbauer 54 bodů, 2. Bořek Dočkal (oba Sparta Praha) 4, 3. Haris Harba (Jihlava)

    Coach of the season: 
    1. Vítězslav Lavička (Sparta) 53, 2. Petr Rada (Jihlava) 3, 3. Leoš Kalvoda (Znojmo) 2.

    New talent of the season: 
    1. Patrik Hrošovský (Plzeň) 36, 2. Adam Jánoš (Jihlava) 6, 3. Robert Hrubý (Slavia) 5.

    Best foreign player of the season: 
    1. Costa (Sparta Praha/Zimbabwe) 27, 2. Haris Harba (Jihlava/Bosna) 16, 3. Jasmin Ščuk (Mladá Boleslav/Bosna) 13.

    Season’s Best 11 according to fan votes on gambrinusliga.cz:

    Tomáš Vaclík - Pavel Kadeřábek (both Sparta), Radoslav Kováč (Liberec), Jakub Brabec, Costa (both Sparta) - Franci Listingi (Teplice), Marek Matějovský, Josef Hušbauer (both Sparta), Nivaldo (Teplice) - David Lafata (Sparta), Haris Harba (Jihlava).

    Results of other polls (published on Monday):

    Best goalkeeper:
    1. Matúš Kozáčik (Plzeň) 23, 2. Tomáš Vaclík (Sparta) 19, 3. Martin Berkovec (Bohemians Praha 1905) 9.

    Best defender:
    1. Pavel Kadeřábek 21, 2. Costa 13, 3. Mario Holek (all Sparta) 9.

    Best midfielder:
    1. Josef Hušbauer 46, 2. Bořek Dočkal (both Sparta) 8, 3. Tomáš Hořava (Plzeň) 3 body.

    Best striker:
    1. David Lafata (Sparta) 32, 2. Haris Harba (Jihlava) 16, 3. Zbyněk Pospěch (Dukla) 4.

    Best referee:
    1. Pavel Královec 13, 2. Miroslav Zelinka 11, 3. Radek Příhoda 5.

    Best assistant referee: 
    1. Martin Wilczek 12, 2. Ondřej Pelikán 6, 3. Jiří Moláček 5.