matchweek 1
    1SK Slavia Praha3071:1973
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň3053:1972
    3AC Sparta Praha3065:3266
    41.FC Slovácko3050:3059
    5FC Baník Ostrava3054:3951
    6FC Hradec Králové3038:4040
    7FK Mladá Boleslav3045:4838
    8FC Slovan Liberec3029:3837
    9SK Sigma Olomouc3039:3737
    10SK Dynamo České Budějovice3040:4636
    11FC Fastav Zlín3036:5330
    12FK Teplice3029:4927
    13FK Jablonec3022:4526
    14Bohemians Praha 19053034:5626
    15FK Pardubice3035:6724
    16MFK Karviná3030:5217

    Baumit yet to score away from home in the spring season. Beneš: I have no idea why that is

    Jablonec have failed to score away from home in their four away games in the spring season. At least in their last game against Slavia, they managed to walk away with a draw. The closest they came to scoring was a strike from defender Vít Beneš, which went just over the crossbar.

    Baumit yet to score away from home in the spring season. Beneš: I have no idea why that is

    Jablonec have only taken one point away from home so far during the spring season but again failed to find the back of the net.  Before their match against Slavia, Baumit suffered four defeats in a row agianst Slovácko, Znojmo, Brno and Liberec.

    ‘’I don’t know why it is and in any event it’s a great pity. We haven’t even managed to score a goal. We could have notched up some points if we had played as we did against Slavia.  But as it is, we didn’t really play well,’’ said defender Vít Beneš, shaking his head.

    It’s true that Jablonec turned in a decent performance against Slavia. Kopic had a great chance in the first-half but was shut out by Černý. However, in the second-half Rossi, Kopic or Beneš did not even get a look in on goal.

    ‘’Looking at the game, a point was a disappointing result. We had most of the possession in the second-half, with Slavia only creating a few chances. We had more opportunities to score and should have walked away with the three points,’’ said Beneš.

    As it was, the 25-year-old defender had the best chance of scoring. From a Čízek corner, his shot was just over the crossbar.  ’In the first-half, my shot was blocked by one of our own players and the second chance was over the crossbar. A few inches lower and it would have been in,’’ lamented Beneš.

    According to Beneš, Jablonec felt that Slavia put them under pressure as they were fighting relegation. ‘’Even before the game, we felt that we were not the side under pressure and so went into the game feeling more relaxed. Slavia played some good combination football but in the end we managed to contain them,’’ said Beneš.

    It should be noted, however, that Slavia’s offensive play was weak. ‘’I expected them to play more attacking football. They played more defensively and focused on playing on counterattacks. They played exactly the opposite of what I expected,’’ admitted the Jablonec defender.

    There was concern that trouble from the fans might end the match prematurely. In the end the disturbance petered out but the situation was precarious for a while.

    ‘’I didn’t think the trouble would end the match but at the same time I didn’t want the trouble to escalate. At the end of the day, it’s up to the referees to decide whether to stop the match or not,’’ said the defender, who has scored three times this season and been sent off twice.