Championship Group
    1FC Viktoria Plzeň3563:2185
    2SK Slavia Praha3580:2778
    3AC Sparta Praha3572:4073
    41.FC Slovácko3559:3868
    5FC Baník Ostrava3560:4855
    6FC Hradec Králové3544:5244
    Relegation Group
    1FK Pardubice3542:6837
    2FC Fastav Zlín3543:6036
    3FK Jablonec3527:4834
    4Bohemians Praha 19053545:6134
    5FK Teplice3533:5929
    6MFK Karviná3533:6319

    We were shocked, said Necid about new changes at Slavia

    There have been a lot of interesting developments at Slavia during the last few days. Changes have been made in the Sports Management department of the club and with the sacking of coach Koubek after the second match of the spring season. The developments have come as a surprise to everybody, even the players.

    We were shocked, said Necid about new changes at Slavia

    ‘’We were surprised as no-one really expected it but it doesn’t really concern us. We are here to train and perform as best we can. It’s just a matter for the management,’’ said Tomáš Necid. ‘’Something similarly unexpected happened to me in the past. I came to a training session once and was told I wasn’t going to train with the team,’’ added midfielder Marcel Gecov.

    The players are obviously referring to the surprise departure of coach Koubek. Slavia are currently tenth in the league. ‘’The management has decided to make some changes and bring in a new coach. We still have our goals for the season and we’re going to try and meet them,’’ said Gecov. 

    For the 25-year-old strilker it is the second change of coach this season. Koubek replaced  Michal Petrouš, who was ousted at the end of the autumn season. ‘’A bigger issue would be if the new coach game and set a different set of objectives for us, changing things around. By leaving things essentially the same we should be able to cope,’’ he said.

    For Koubek it will be difficult to leave the club having moved to Slavia from being coach of the U-19s. ‘’It’s not pleasant for anyone when things end this way but he is a professional and has to accept it for what it is,’’ said Gecov.

    Slavia’s new coach is Dutchman Alex Pastoor. Can we expect a whirlwind of attacking football? ‘’It’s a Dutch coach so I think he’ll play attacking football.  In Holland they usually play 4-3-3 so we’ll see if he introduces the system here.  As a striker, it would be a great system to play,’’ said Necid.