matchweek 10
    1SK Slavia Praha3071:1973
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň3053:1972
    3AC Sparta Praha3065:3266
    41.FC Slovácko3050:3059
    5FC Baník Ostrava3054:3951
    6FC Hradec Králové3038:4040
    7FK Mladá Boleslav3045:4838
    8FC Slovan Liberec3029:3837
    9SK Sigma Olomouc3039:3737
    10SK Dynamo České Budějovice3040:4636
    11FC Fastav Zlín3036:5330
    12FK Teplice3029:4927
    13FK Jablonec3022:4526
    14Bohemians Praha 19053034:5626
    15FK Pardubice3035:6724
    16MFK Karviná3030:5217

    Horváth extends contract in Plzeň for another year

    Plzeň captain, Pavel Horváth, has signed a one year extension to his contract with Plzeň, which will see him remain at the club until June 2015. Goalkeeper Roman Pavlík has also negotiated an extension to his contract.

    Horváth extends contract in Plzeň for another year

    ‘’I am personally very pleased that Pavel Horváth has agreed to stay with Plzeň for another year. We believe that Pavel is a key player in the team and that his contribution to the team’s success will continue next season,’’ said new contract general manager Adolf Šádek.

    Both sides were keen to sign the new contract. ‘’I am pleased that the contract negotiations went smoothly. I am sure that the Plzeň fans will be happy with the signing,’’ said Šádek.

    ‘’I am looking forward to being part of the team and I hope that we can continue with our success in the next year,’’ said captain Horváth, who still possess the motivation to play,

    ‘’If I did not have the motivation to play, I wouldn’t play. However, I love football and I love winning. I am happy at Victoria and I did not see any reason not to extend my contract,’’ he added.

     Goalkeeper Roman Pavlík also agreed terms with the club, with his new contract also running to June 2015.

    ‘’I am happy to be staying at Victoria. Plzeň are one of the best sides in the Czech Republic and this was the motivation for me to sign the contract. I am grateful that I have been able to play regularly in European competitions and look forward to doing so in the next year,‘‘ said the experienced goalkeeper, who has played in thirty eight Champions League matches.