matchweek 12
    1FC Viktoria Plzeň1118:830
    2AC Sparta Praha1129:1126
    3SK Slavia Praha1027:925
    41.FC Slovácko1121:1225
    5FC Baník Ostrava1122:1322
    6SK Sigma Olomouc1022:1516
    7FC Hradec Králové1113:1616
    8FK Mladá Boleslav1120:1814
    9SK Dynamo České Budějovice1115:1514
    10Bohemians Praha 19051117:2512
    11FK Jablonec1110:1711
    12FC Fastav Zlín1115:289
    13FC Slovan Liberec117:188
    14FK Pardubice1115:236
    15FK Teplice119:215
    16MFK Karviná1110:214

    The league winner Slavia were the best at offensive game, Teplice surprised positively

    The fourth Slavia title, second place for Plzeň and third place for Sparta. That is the summary of the season 2016/2017. The teams Hradec Králové and Příbram are relegated to the second league where they will replace Baník Ostrava and Sigma Olomouc that are promoted to the first league.

    The league winner Slavia were the best at offensive game, Teplice surprised positively

    Slavia lost only one match during this season, the first match in Plzeň. After four played rounds, the club managers of Slavia decided to change their coach. Jaroslav Šilhavý replaced the former coach Dušan Uhrin jr. and this decision was successful.

    With the new coach Slavia drew seven times and never lost. Since winter part of the season they fought for the title. Only in their match against Jablonec in the 12th round Slavia did not score. In the rest of the season they always scored

    Five Slavia players scored more than six goals and Milan Škoda with Muris Mešanovič are among top three league shooters. Instead of this, Slavia had the second best defence with only 22 conceded goals and also they demonstrated constant performance during the all season.

    After all Plzeň could celebrate the title, but they lost their chances just because of their own bad performances. First of all Plzeň lost the match with Slavia and it continued during the April and May, part of the season where they lost their matches with Sparta, then they lost two goals lead in Jablonec and then played just 3:3 draw game with Mladá Boleslav.

    Plzeň was missing their attack power, when they scored 10 goals less than the last season and 25 goals less than during the season 2015. Huge productivity decrease felt also Sparta this season. They scored 14 goals less than the last season. Sparta players illnesses had the big influence on that. Also  wrong conceptual work and big bench changes played the role too.

    The most pleasant suprprises of the season were teams Teplice and Zlín, which made the biggest move in the league rank table - 7 places higher. These teams were touching the fourth place and participation in the European League but it was Mladá Boleslav who celebrated the fourth place at the end of the season.

    Newcomers to the league, Karviná, also left pleasant impression, such as Dukla that really raised their performances during the spring season part. The biggest performance fall had team Brno, who, such as Slovácko, played 14 draw games and could feel the peace just during the last two rounds of the season, where they played the matches for staying in the top league.

    Even if it was the first time when three teams - Slavia, Sparta and Plzeň, had the average visit of 10.000 visitors, the total visit slightly decreased from 5081 to 4882 visitors. This was influenced by the fact that teams Olomouc and Ostrava left the league, teams with higher visiting than newcomers from Hradec Králové and Karviná. 

    We can expect visitors increase, because teams Hradec Králové and Příbram are relegated to the second league, teams with low attendance. Whilst teams from Olomouc and Ostrava are coming back to the top league - teams with huge fan base.