matchweek 20
    1SK Slavia Praha1941:351
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň1934:1837
    3AC Sparta Praha1939:2632
    4FK Mladá Boleslav1937:2932
    5FK Jablonec1932:2532
    6FC Baník Ostrava1930:2330
    7SK Dynamo České Budějovice1932:2930
    81.FC Slovácko1924:2529
    9FC Slovan Liberec1930:3024
    10SK Sigma Olomouc1924:2424
    11FK Teplice1917:2822
    12Bohemians Praha 19051919:3119
    13FC Fastav Zlín1914:3018
    14Slezský FC Opava199:2914
    15MFK Karviná1913:2713
    161.FK Příbram1914:3213

    30th round: Slavia celebrate the title. Boleslav will play the European League

    Slavia players beat Brno in the last league match 4:0. After this wining they started to celebrate the title after eight years. They won the league with two points ahead of Viktoria Plzeň, whilst Viktoria's 2:0 wining over Jihlava was not enough. Mladá Boleslav kept fourth place in the league table and by this place they guaranteed their participation in the European League even if they lost the game 4:0 against Liberec.

    30th round: Slavia celebrate the title. Boleslav will play the European League
    Due to concerts at Eden stadium Slavia had to play on exile football pitch in Strahov but this situation did not affect their strenght. Stanislav Tecl scored two goals and other goals were scored by Michal Frydrych and Michael Ngadeu. Slavia reached their 18th title and 4th in the history of the league.

    Beside Plzeň wining in their last match they had to count on Slavia´s loss. Viktoria could have reached their third title in a row and fifth in last seven years. Their wining was managed by own goal scored by David Štěpánek and perfect catch by Marek Bakoš.

    Boleslav lost match in Liberec. Milan Baroš scored twice and also Roman Potočný scored once, whilst Milan Kerbr scored a penalty shot. Mladá Boleslav celebrate a participation in the second prequel round of Master League thanks to Dukla, which won by overtime goal scored by Dominik Preisler. This loss spoiled a joy of Štěpán Vachoušek who ended his football career after this match. 

    The penultimate team from Hradec Králové took a part with the league by wining 1:0 over Bohemians 1905, whilst the last standing Příbram played just a 2:0 loss game in Zlín. Just 18 years old sweeper František Čech made his call while he scored a wining goal during his third start of his career.