matchweek 4
    1SK Slavia Praha919:223
    2FC Viktoria Plzeň918:1020
    3FK Mladá Boleslav821:1216
    4FK Jablonec917:1316
    5FC Baník Ostrava915:1115
    6AC Sparta Praha918:1414
    7SK Sigma Olomouc913:1114
    81.FC Slovácko98:1513
    9Bohemians Praha 1905912:1611
    10FC Slovan Liberec910:1110
    111.FK Příbram911:1710
    12FC Fastav Zlín97:129
    13SK Dynamo České Budějovice910:158
    14MFK Karviná98:97
    15FK Teplice85:117
    16Slezský FC Opava95:187

    28th round: The battle for the title is still open

    Both candidates for the title hesitated in the 28th round.

    28th round: The battle for the title is still open

    Plzeň drew with Mladá Boleslav 3:3 on friday match, moreover Plzeň were losing 0:3 in 65 minutes of the match. "We are sorry for this loss, concede three goals at home is pretty enough," centre forward of Viktorie Michael Krmenčík said. He scored two goals in this match.

    However, Slavia did not win its match in small Prague derby against Dukla (2:2). Mešanovič and Barák scored, but it was answered by Koreš and Edmond. Slavia are in lead two points ahead of Plzeň two last rounds of the season.

    The third team Sparta only drew in Karviná 1:1, but even that is enough for start in European league for the next year. Fourth team are Mladá Boleslav losing four points to the third place. Last Příbram complicated its situation by losing 2:3 against Brno. Team of Příbram need four points not to be relagated from  the first football league. Penultimate Hradec succeed over Slovácko winning 2:1, and also Jihlava won against Zlín 3:0.

    In the north Bohemian derby Liberec got a draw with Jablonec 1:1. Teplice got three points by winning aganist Bohemians 1:0.